From Victim to Victor

Victim and Victory start out the same

Its how they end that makes the Difference.

You can not have a victory unless you have overcome a difficulty. Victories are viewed under many labels. Win a prize, a sporting event, a promotion, or overcome a serious illness. But the victory I speak of here is surviving and overcoming the pain of issues like: incest, childhood abuse, and rape.  The goal is to go from “victim” or “Survivor.” But how do we survive such attacks on our body and soul to begin with? How do we come to a point of letting go of the trauma and finding peace?

First we come to understand that we have physically survived because God stood with us. In the midst of our pain and torment Christ was/is with us, speaking the word “live” into our soul. He is with us through every tear, and violation and nightmare. Despite popular beliefs, Jesus did not die on a cross to make our life rosy and trouble free. Jesus died because “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom 3:23). Our world is filled with evil. Men chose to place themselves in the place of God. They chose to make their own way, to be the masters of their own fates. And the world filled with darkness and every form of evil: murder, wars, violence in many forms, including sexual abuse of children, incest in families, and physical, emotional and spiritual abuse.

Those who believe in Jesus Christ as God and Savior have restored fellowship with God and the promise of eternity spent in the presence of God where there will be no pain, no tears of sorrow, no weakness. But as long as we are part of this world we will still suffer the consequences of evil men and women. So how do we get through it? The grace and presence of God.

Jesus stands beside us as we suffer. He knows our pain. He suffered, and He won the victory over death for us. It is His voice which softly speaks to our souls, “don’t give up”, “don’t die”, “you can do this”. During the pain of our abuse, during the pain of healing memories, Christ is our strength. He is our consolation. He knows our pain. He reminds us that while it may seem to last forever in our eyes, it is really only temporary. He gives us the hope of heaven. He gives us victory over traumas, pain, sorrows and even death. He gives us peace and hope to carry on, that we may in turn be his voice to others who are struggling in the aftermath of evil.


One thought on “From Victim to Victor

  1. Alinda Jones says:

    This book was glued to my hands and eyes from the time I bought it late one evening until I had read it completely by the next morning. While the child sexual abuse is atrocious, Taylor is especially careful not to include every little detail of the abuse, making it easier to read. I was particularly struck by the biblical references used to support Taylor’s faith in God’s grace and love through it all. My friendship with Taylor is strengthened by her book and how well it shows that God is always with us and delivers the faithful. I will be recommending this book to my friends and family. Thanks for your courage, Taylor.

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