Have You Ever Had Days Like This?

Human Being
Is anyone listening LORD?
Does anybody even hear me?
For so long I was invisible to the world
Trapped within myself
Forced by my life behind sound-proof walls
Trying so hard to be heard
Through my behavior, my poetry, my silence
But no one ever heard me screaming for help
Desperate – Afraid – LONELY
Feeling both helpless and hopeless LORD
Until you eventually sent one person who truly saw me
And when our short journey ended
You sent another and then others to help me find
Those lost parts of my-self.
To help me be visible and have a voice again
So why do some still treat me like I am not there?
Is my visibility just a dream?
Or am I so ugly from my scars they choose to avert their eyes?
Why don’t they even seem to hear my voice GOD?
Am I not worthy of their attention?
Has nothing actually changed Lord?
Am I fooling myself with an illusion of value?
Can’t I simply matter just because
I am a human being?

Taylor Shepherd