Surviving Evil

book cover

Surrounded by Evil, Saved by God

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How does a child born into a family filled with violence, the occult and sexual deviance survive when she becomes the object of their abuse?  Without being taught coping skills and having just small respite between assaults from multiple family members and their friends, this little girl found a way by splintering into 15 different personalities.

Filled with a desire to know the truth of the God she feared yet could not deny, she struggled with a myriad of emotions concerning the love of God and the abuse she endured daily. Although feeling abandoned and punished by God, she knew one truth, there was only one true God, and she could bow no other.  What she did not understand in her search for God was just how close He was and how He provided a way of escape for her. That broken, wounded little girl was me.

I should have never survived my childhood.  Having survived I should have been permanently institutionalized in a psychotic state beyond the reach of medical and psychiatric help.  I should have never been able to share my story or pain, confusion, disappointment and eventually grace and peace, but here I am.

  • I share my story to encourage the broken and wounded, the angry and hopeless that God does care and He is there.
  • I share my struggles so those around me, especially in the Church may grow in compassion, grace, and understanding for the difficult and the outcasts of life.
  • I share my story so God’s love, mercy and grace may be proclaimed.
  • It is not a fairy tale or a happily ever after story, it is filled with raw emotions and years of hard work to heal the emotional and spiritual wounds left by the abuse.
  • I am here to say it is worth the hard work and God will help you through it.

I hope you will gain something good as you read this book, and will also share it with those who struggle and those who care and help the struggling.

Taylor S Shepherd


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