#MeToo needs to change the justice system too.

Assault, Incest, Rape and the Justice System
Many who are familiar with me know that I am a survivor of severe childhood sexual abuse from multiple family members. I was never able to speak up as a child (at the age of 5 until nearly age 7 I was unable to speak at all due to emotional trauma). So I never received any justice. But to be honest although in my 20s I had to completely cut ties with my family to be safe from continued acts of violence, I had no desire for revenge or justice for myself.
One of my abusers was my older brother. He began abusing me when I was 7 yrs old. When I left the State of Ohio my older brother was then married with 4 daughters. I tried to warn his wife that he will some day abuse one or more of his daughters just as he had me. I hoped she would protect her girls. Years later I found out from a friend in Ohio that my brother had sexually abused one of his daughters. He was charged with “Sexual Imposition” a third degree misdemeanor, he got basically a slap on the wrist. He spent just a few months in jail. How does this deter repeated offense or give justice for the victims?
I’ve said this before, I know sometimes an innocent person gets convicted of crimes, but society has gone too far protecting the perpetrators that there are really no protection or rights for the victims. We need to find a better balance and if the there is an advantage of protection or rights it should be in favor of the victims. Why are we protecting rapists, thieves and murders over their victims? Because no matter how far women think they have come, it is still a man’s world.
I’m not seeking to male bash, I am just saying the “good ol’ boy” system still lives throughout society. The proof is not just seen in how crimes against women and children can often bring no charges or have penalties that are less severe than stealing or manslaughter, but also in how women and children top the lists of hunger, housing and medical needs. If we really valued our women and children don’t you think these statistics would be different? So Why is sexual assault low priority? Sexual assault should be considered a metaphorical manslaughter of the victim’s soul. While a perpetrator gets a few months (if any time at all) in jail, the victims suffer a lifetime of effects. Even those fortunate enough to get good support and counseling will still suffer PTSD symptoms to varying degrees.
I looked up the Ohio laws about Sexual Imposition. It is not based on “she said – he said” that has to be collaborative evidence before charges are even filed. Yet its is still a 3rd degree misdemeanor. It is not a minor incident to the victim.
#MeToo needs to also involve true justice for victims.


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