Book Release


Comes out today, Monday February 15, 2016.  It can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly from the publisher at  for $10.95

This is the story of surviving unthinkable abuse at the hands of family members who should have been loving and protective but weren’t. It is about trying to find help for the ways my soul was fractured by the trauma I experienced. It is about the difficult path of healing and the struggles of recognizing the many times and ways God was not just with me but saving me when I was most vulnerable and wounded. It is my story of fracturing into 15 personalities due to severe abuse, and how God brought the right people into my life to help me take the difficult but healing path to wholeness.  Integrating my personalities was not a quick nor easy task, but now, as I write my story as one single personality, I can say it is worth the work to see the grace of God that has and continues to sustain my life.

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Stories of survival have always been very popular, grabbing our attention as we root for those trying to overcome great odds. Often over¬looked is how a survivor copes with what has happened and how they are thrust into facing the traumatic stress that arrives after the harmful events have passed.
This book touches upon the challenge in coping as well as the controversial topic regarding a person experiencing Dissociation. It does not attempt to resolve the debate, but rather goes beyond that, sharing the experiences and journey of coming out the other side of a life of abuse. It required years of work, step by step, to find a loving heavenly Father who through it all put the pieces of a fractured soul back together.
Ken Bachelor, Grief Counselor